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You have probably been reading about the metaverse, NFTs, artificial intelligence and digital business transformation. Did you know that international and homegrown brands like Apple and Grab are successful because of their business practices, innovative ideas and products? How did they get there, and what makes them tick? Join the School of Business to find out more!


At School of Business, we empower you to create your future and fulfil your aspirations. You have eight full-time diplomas to choose from, in areas spanning across Accountancy & Finance, Media, Culinary Management, Hospitality, Law, Logistics and Marketing. The specialised practical skills you acquire will be reinforced with a robust foundation of core business management subjects, giving you a head start in the evolving business realm.


Embark on experiential learning journeys to discover business innovation and digitalization beyond the classroom. Apply concepts learnt as you ideate, develop solutions and collaborate with industry partners to create business value while keeping pace amidst disruptive changes.


In your three years with us, you will learn to be a resourceful, innovative, and enterprising professional. You will be ready to take on challenges to meet the dynamic needs of a digital-first economy and achieve career success as movers and shakers in a globalised business environment.


Diploma Courses

Established in 1990, the school continues to grow and update our curricula to the current 8 diplomas. We also offer a special Common Business Programme that allows you to explore your interests and strengths in your first semester with us.

Common Business Programme (T01)

Have you set your sights on a business course but need more time to explore the many possibilities it offers? The Common Business Programme (CBP), which...

Net ELR2B2 aggregate range (2023 JAE): 6 - 15 points
2023 Planned Intake: 290
Diploma in Accountancy & Finance (T02)

With Singapore's status as a global financial and accountancy hub, the demand for accounting, finance and fintech professionals will continue to grow...

Net ELR2B2 aggregate range (2023 JAE): 5 - 11 points
2023 Planned Intake: 100
Diploma in Business (T10)

In today’s ever-changing digitalized and interconnected world, having digital business and entrepreneurial knowledge and skills is key to elevate your...

Net ELR2B2 aggregate range (2023 JAE): 5 - 13 points
2023 Planned Intake: 165
Diploma in Communications & Media Management (T40)

This course exposes you to highly sought-after skills in journalistic writing, digital content creation and media production. You will learn how to incorporate...

Net ELR2B2 aggregate range (2023 JAE): 6 - 13 points
2023 Planned Intake: 85
Diploma in Culinary & Catering Management (T18)

The food services industry plays a vital role in Singapore’s economy. Food businesses are constantly looking at strategies to progress and seize new growth...

Net ELR2B2 aggregate range (2023 JAE): 3 - 19 points
2023 Planned Intake: 70
Diploma in Hospitality & Tourism Management (T08)

Transform your interest in travel into a hospitality and tourism industry career and contribute to sustainable tourism's future. Acquire the super-host DNA through our practice-based teaching approaches, where mastery in anticipating customer challenges is achieved.

Net ELR2B2 aggregate range (2023 JAE): 6 - 17 points
2023 Planned Intake: 120
Diploma in International Trade & Logistics (T07)

The growth of international trade is powered by the smooth functioning of global supply chain by companies and countries alike. Therefore, having sound...

Net ELR2B2 aggregate range (2023 JAE): 11 - 16 points
2023 Planned Intake: 70
Diploma in Law & Management (T09)

The only polytechnic law diploma in Singapore, this course equips you with relevant knowledge and hands-on skills for a career in the legal industry as...

Net ELR2B2 aggregate range (2023 JAE): 5 - 12 points
2023 Planned Intake: 120
Diploma in Marketing (T67)

Have you wondered what makes brands like Apple and NIKE well-known? In today’s ever-crowded marketplace, marketing plays a crucial role in helping brands...

Net ELR2B2 aggregate range (2023 JAE): 8 - 15 points
2023 Planned Intake: 75


School of Business is a place we call home to innovation and entrepreneurship. We achieve academic endeavor through imaginationideation and innovation by developing business related opportunities and bringing innovative projects to fruition. 

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